Language and visual artifacts inspire me to address
the problematic location of gay identities

in contemporary culture.


My investigations into the construction of these identities are framed by sexual and social politics.


I have begun to explore the current dominant ideology of assimilation in the gay community as it can pertain to domesticity, cultural norms and physical desire.


In revealing my own specific needs for shelter, I attempt to surface narratives that intersect historically

shared pasts, present intervals and proposed futures.




Joel Seah was born in Singapore on April 11, 1979.
His family moved to New York City shortly thereafter.
Seah returned to Singapore to finish high school, junior college
and to serve in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.


After meeting a man online, Seah moved to Birmingham, Alabama
for his undergraduate education. They broke up after a year.


Not having learnt his lesson, Seah decided to attend graduate school in Syracuse

because of another guy he met online. They broke up after six months.


Currently, Seah is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Southern Maine.
He was the Outstanding Teacher/Scholar in 2008. Seah commutes to school from
Royal Oak, Michigan - where he shares a loft/studio space with his boyfriend
of five years and counting.


They have a black terrier named Sharpie.